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Game trivia

Thought it might be fun to put up some trivia questions. I thought I would post a few I made up a and a few I stole from other places, but I ended up coming up with all of these on my own. I hope you enjoy!

1. What is the only (4 card) hand in Cribbage that cannot be improved no matter what card is cut?

2. The best starting hand in Hold ’em poker is AA (two Aces). What is the second best starting hand?

3. How many tiles are there in a regulation Scrabble game?

4. If you’re playing Cribbage and you have a Five in your hand, what is the fewest points you can have (including the cut card)?

5. Everyone knows about “grand slams” in baseball, but what other game uses that term for the ultimate show of offense?

6. In Cassino, what is the most points you can get on the opening play?

7. In Cassino, there are two ways to guarantee there will be no further sweeps during a round. One is by creating an “orphan”, like when you have played three Tens and the fourth one is trailed. What is the other way?

8. Which of the following is the least likely?
a) Being dealt a straight flush in 5 Card Draw poker
b) Getting a near-perfect 28 point hand in Cribbage
c) Rolling a Yahtzee in Ones in one roll
d) Flipping a coin and having it come up heads 15 times in a row

9. BONUS followup question! Which is less likely, getting dealt a royal flush in 5 card poker or getting a perfect 29 point hand in Cribbage?

10. Which of these popular board games was printed first?
a) Monopoly
b) Sorry!
c) Life
d) Scrabble

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