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Memoral Game Day!

Hi! No, I’m not dead just haven’t had a lot of spare energy since I started a new job. But with the three day weekend in effect it’s time for an entry. To ease back into things I’ll start with something straightforward: talking about getting together with some friends yesterday for a gameday.

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Three Dragon Ante

I mentioned Three Dragon Ante, or TDA as my friends and I refer to it, in my last post. Like I said, I can’t believe I had never talked about it before that. It’s a really fun game and one that I can always get my gamer friends to play.

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Stocking Stuffer Games

One of the things I found in my Christmas stocking was a new game called CLR. It stands for “Center, Left, Right” and is an easy little game involving dice and chips. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but it looks like a fun little game. That got me to thinking about other stocking stuffer games I’ve received over the years. If you’re looking for a small gift for a gamer friend here are some to consider. So I guess I should have written this post right before Christmas, not right after 🙂

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