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When I was a kid…

My sister made a recent comment about playing games as a kid and that got me thinking about the big group games we used to play as an extended family. My family, my Mom’s brother and his family, and my grandparents were all pretty tight-knit and spent a lot of time together, getting together for all the birthdays, major holidays, or just a weekend dinner. Most of the time games started shortly after dinner and the dishes were done.

We tended to have games on a rotation: we’d get into a game, play it for a while (“a while” might be years…), eventually get onto some other game and play it for a while, bring back another one, and so on. It’s always fun when you have a big group to play a familiar game, and we would usually have anywhere from 5 – 10 of us playing. Here are some of the games that made our rotation over and over again.

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