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Lost Cities the Card Game tips

Since acquiring Lost Cities the Card Game my wife and I have played it a bunch of times; the cards are getting a bit worn out already. I talked about it in an earlier post, but now that I’ve played it some more, I thought I’d throw down a few quick pointers for the game.

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Lost Cities the Card Game

When Jessica and I got engaged one of our good friends told us to pick out a game off Amazon for an engagement gift and she would get it for us. After looking at the millions of board games available I settled on Lost Cities the Card Game for three reasons: it was a 2-player game, it had stellar ratings, and it was very reasonably priced (about $13 on Amazon right now). Turns out it’s one of those great games that is simple to learn but has a ton of strategy, and it’s one of the best 2-player games I’ve played.

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