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Interesting timing

Wow, just a couple weeks after I decide to start re-watching the whole 24 series and put up a post about it they announce it’s coming back!!! What a crazy bit of awesome news! With Whose Line is it Anyway coming back for a run this summer, the Veronica Mars movie kickstarter project, and now 24 coming back next year it’s a golden revival of some of my all-time faves. Don’t suppose there’s any chance we could get the crew from ST: TNG to make one last run, is there…?



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Some tips for watching 24

So this isn’t game related but I just felt like talking about it. Deal with it 😉

I have all but the final season of 24 on DVD, but some of them are still in the shrinkwrap :p I decided it was time to watch that series all the way through, so I’ve been doing that lately and I’ve come up with some rules to keep in mind if you’re going to watch the show. There will be some spoilers probably, if you care.

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