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I’ve been requested by authortao to review Brawl, a card game that came out a number of years ago. Requests are always appreciated and honored, so here we go!

Brawl is a very fast moving card game put out by Cheapass Games way back in 1999. Each player uses a single deck of cards, each deck being a named character. So you might play Chris, or Gina, or Hale, etc. It actually has a lot in common with Smash Up; the game starts out with bases in the middle and the object is to fight for and win them, using “hit” cards instead of minions. There are also other cards such as block (no hits can be played after a block), press (nullifies a block), clear (removes a whole base and everything on it), and others. But the basic strategy is to rack up as many hits as you can on your side of the bases. Each player has three “freeze” cards at the bottom of his deck; once every base has a freeze on it the game is over and whoever has scored the most bases wins.

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