One item LoW focus – The “Crazy buildings”

In this week’s edition of One Item, we’re going to look at what I call the “crazy buildings”. They’re a set of 5 buildings, 1 for each resource and 1 for gold, that yield a crazy amount of resources for everyone. Not just the player who lands there, but the owner, and possibly even the other players!

Here’s an example of one of these crazy buildings:

This one gives 4 black to the player who lands there and 2 to the owner! Yowsers! In the base game the best resource buildings yield 3 and 1, but these crazy buildings from the expansion yield 4 and 2! But wait there’s more! The player who lands there also has to “spread” 2 black onto two different spaces, which are then taken by whoever goes there next. So every time this building is used it’s tossing 8 black into the world.

Bringing one of these buildings into play can swing an entire game: if you have Arcana and your opponent(s) don’t, and you buy the crazy purple building that’s a big step toward victory. And if your opponent brings out a building that’s good for them and bad for you then you’ve got your work cut out for you.

A few things to think about when these buildings appear:

  • If it’s your type of building (it’s orange and you have Warfare, it’s white and you have Piety, etc.) strain to get it into play as soon as you can.
  • At the same time, it’s usually fine if your opponent buys it instead, because you’ll still be able to use it. You get more resources that way than you do for owner benefit, although you will have to use moves instead of getting resources passively, but when you’re getting 8 gold or 4 orange who cares?
  • The plot quests that read “When you take [resource] gain [benefit]” such as “Whenever you take black you also get 2 gold” can really be juiced by these buildings. Spread black all over the land and reap the rewards!
  • Remember when you do spread those resources to put them in the spot that will be most beneficial for you. Sometimes you can tempt an opponent into doing something (resetting the quests, buying a building, landing on a building you own) by placing a goody there.
  • If it’s not your type of building (e.g. orange when you’re playing Arcana/Piety), be cautious about bringing it into play; you may be helping your opponent(s) more than yourself.

That’s it for this quick hitter, thanks for reading and let me know if there are any others you’d like to see!





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4 responses to “One item LoW focus – The “Crazy buildings”

  1. Is that in the base game or is it in the expansion?

    Not a building, but I found “Return the Magistrates Orb” (I think it is called) is a game changing quest!

  2. I liked this! Good post and tips on using the buildings. The only thing I don’t like about these is the placing, as you know. I don’t like to have to think about where to put them!

    • dantherpgman

      Thanks! Well you’ve got your system down now, with your standard dumping spots for them 🙂 The only thing I don’t like about these is also the placing…when people take a million years to decide where to place one lousy resource 😉

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