One item LoW focus – Deal with the Black Viper quest

Per Jessica’s request, the next Lords of Waterdeep card I’m going to quick-hit you with is…Deal with the Black Viper*. For a long time this was my quest, and I would drop everything to acquire and do it when it came up. Nowadays I don’t go at with quite as much abandon, but it is definitely still one of my favorites.

*- One of the funny things about doing these posts is I’ll actually learn some names of things in the game. Despite playing hundreds of times I probably know the name of fewer than 10 things in LoW, since their names don’t matter.

Deal with the Black Viper is a fairly basic Arcana quest, it’s not even a plot quest. But it has one of the funnest rewards in the game: draw 4 Intrigue cards and play them at your leisure (you have to actually play them right then, or just keep them in your hand, it’s not really at your leisure). It’s so fun knowing you get to draw 4 Intrigues and get all these possibly cool things out of them. Of course, sometimes you get lame ones and it’s a big disappointment, but you’ll usually get at least 1 or 2 good ones. It’s like presents under the tree, what’s going to be inside?! Even your opponents will be interested, since they can get goodies out of it too (or have them taken away).

Mmm, so pretty…

There’s not a lot of strategy that goes with this one; just play it whenever you feel like and hope for good cards. I can offer a couple tips I suppose:

  • Remember you don’t have to play the cards as you draw them; you can just put them into your hand. Usually if I can play them I will, but you might want to keep one in reserve occasionally (sometimes you won’t be able to play them because you don’t have the right resources, don’t have a spare agent, etc.)
  • Note that if you’ve done the plot quest that gives you 2 points per Intrigue card played that every one of these you play will count, netting you up to 8 points!
  • Unfortunately, it will not trigger the plot quest that lets you draw and play another intrigue card after you’ve played an intrigue card (since you have to play it as an action, not as part of a reward). Plus, I mean come on that would be a bit much, don’t you think?
  • This is definitely one of the quests that can be worth doing even if it’s not your type, although this one hits a lot of Lords; anyone with Arcana, the “3 points per quest” guy, expansion guy, and the “bonus for quests worth 10 or more” guy.

And that’s it for this quick-shot post! Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any requests.






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5 responses to “One item LoW focus – Deal with the Black Viper quest

  1. Arguably, you a missing out on an element of the game. The names “don’t matter” to you because you have not invested in the Forgotten Realms narrative they are based on. I agree, there is no value towards Victory in the game by knowing the lore, but reading just one Waterdeep adventure could potentially add a layer of depth to the gameplay experience.

    • dantherpgman

      I understand what you’re saying. As I put it in my Street Fighter deck-building game review:

      Being a fan of the series isn’t necessary to enjoy the game, but it will make it that much cooler when you grab that Hadouken or Rolling Thunder card.

      So I get it, but this is still kind of an odd comment to me; I started playing D&D a very long time ago and have read a ton of the FR novels, so I’m not sure how I haven’t invested in the narrative. Admittedly most of that was a long time ago, and at this point I’m pretty much out of the whole fantasy genre…should I take a refresher course? 😉

      • Only if the particular Waterdeep narrative would add to enjoyment. The quest cards and board content were designed around a particular period in Waterdeep fiction. Else, play on!

  2. As I said to you out loud, I have never actually looked at the picture on this card! 😛 I don’t know why, since I am not an un-visual person, exactly. I can only remember a couple of the pictures on quests, though, like that drowning man, mainly because it’s a turquoise-y blue.

    Anyway, I definitely love this quest more than I used to! I never paid much attention since I didn’t really like Arcana, but now I like intrigues a lot more.

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