One item LoW focus – Defend the Yawning Portal quest

I thought it would be fun to do some quick-hitting mini-posts that focused one specific card or building in Lords of Waterdeep. It would be fun to do one of these every week or so, but we’ll see how it goes 😉

I’ve talked about plot quests in detail, so I’m going to start out with a regular non-plot quest that happens to be the best one in the game: Defend the Yawning Portal.

Here’s that beautiful quest in all its glory

Looking at the pic above you can see it has some pretty steep requirements: 3 white, 6 orange, 1 black, and a purple. But the rewards! The 15 victory points is nice, but totally secondary. Getting 2 resources of your choice (just like you’d assigned an agent to the Yawning Portal building!) is great, but what makes this quest so juicy is the fact you get to return up to 3 of your agents! This is like getting an extra round, and completing this quest is a huge advantage. My wife and I will go to pretty extreme lengths to acquire this quest when it comes up*

*- In a recent game when it came up there were no spots to take a quest left, so my wife immediately when to the “take the go first token” spot, even though she already had the go first token, to make sure she could take the quest first thing next round. Not to be deterred, I bought a building, hoping against hope that the building replacing it would be helpful. It ended up being the Ambassador, and I had Sample Wares which allowed me to use a building that had not been bought yet. I nabbed the Ambassador and ended up getting the quest.

Acquiring it is great, but there are a few things you can do to maximize its effectiveness:

  • Obviously you only want to complete it when you have 3 or more agents assigned that you can return (if you play against the computer on the app it will sometimes complete this quest with only 1 or 2 agents to return…)
  • You want to complete it late in the game, 7th or 8th round ideally, since late game turns are more valuable (due to having more buildings to use, plot quests in play, resources, etc.)
  • If there are any of what I call the “crazy” buildings (the ones where you take a bunch of resources and then have to place some resources on the board) these are great to assign to because you can get a bunch of resources, place the other ones on spots you’re already on, then once you’ve recalled your agents do the whole thing again, get the resources you placed the first time, and really rack up the goodies.
  • The best way to use it is to put three agents on some good spots (having the go first token is helpful), and also assign an agent to Waterdeep Harbor. Then wait until you reassign that agent, complete the quest, and recall those 3 agents you placed on the yummy spots without any interference (since you won’t reassign that one until everyone is out of agents; if you do it while other players still have agents to assign they can take the spots you staked out).  The only problem is if someone hits you with a last minute mandatory quest…but that’s why you shouldn’t play them!
  • Make sure you have some extra resources for completing the quest, especially whichever ones are hard to get at the moment. If you only have 6 orange, someone removes one, and you can’t get any more, you’ll be a sad puppy.

Well this was fun! I defenitely want to do some more of these, so if you have a specific card, building, or item you’d like me to talk about let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!



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4 responses to “One item LoW focus – Defend the Yawning Portal quest

  1. Awesome post! I think maybe the play four intrigues would be fun just as a very short/easy post. Then the 2-per intrigue and play-one-play-one could be a joint post or one right after the other. 😀

    • dantherpgman

      Thanks! But you know I hate that quest! 😉 No, that’s a good one, I’ll do it next. The other two are plot quests that I covered in the plot quest posts 🙂

  2. I find it interesting that you would put the strategy for a card like this at the height of the end game. I would think that if you could complete it in the fourth or fifth round it could set you up for having a significant overall lead in the game. especially if you are the last player and you succeed in completing this quest on your last turn of the round. Then again that might be advanced strategy and as it requires timing and specific turns…. Mostly I remember you completing this one against me and I had not read the small print when I looked at the card… felt like banging my head against the table for missing how much you could do for completing this one.

    • dantherpgman

      Ha yeah I thought it was a misprint or something the first time I saw it!

      Doing it earlier is totally legit, I just like to wait because by the end of the game you’ve built up so much stuff as far as plot quests, cool buildings you can use, etc. that it makes it super effective.

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