Lords of Waterdeep – Plot Quests Part 2

Continuing the discussion of plot quests in Lords of Waterdeep!

IMG_0050And I get to keep one…
Rating: Awesome, especially early

This quest is nice because from then on every time you do a quest you get to keep one of the resources you used. This has lots of benefits; you can just get one purple or white and use it over and over again for various quests, it makes some of the quests super cheap (there are some that only cost 2 resources so this gets you down to 1, and there’s even one quest that only costs 1 so this gets it down to 0!), and if you combine this quest with a certain lord (the one who gets 3 VP for any quest, no matter what type) it’s a deadly combination. This is one of those that’s worth it even if it’s not your type (Warfare). And like the Intrigue card one from the last post, you get to drive people nuts by saying “Oh, and I get to keep one!” every time you do a quest.


Build it and they will winIMG_0037
Rating: Can be good

This quest nets you 4 VP every time you buy a building, which is pretty nice. Towards the end of the game there are often buildings with big piles of VP sitting on them, so buying them when you have this card can net you a nice score. And sometimes you’ll just have some gold sitting around doing nothing anyway and you can use it to score some points. Unfortunately it’s +0, meaning you have to use it to get any benefit at all (unless you’re lord is Commerce). Of course if you have “the building lady” lord and this card comes up you have to drop everything to try to get it. But unless you have her it’s more of a “nice to have” instead of a “must have”.


IMG_0048Playing face-up quests
Rating: Sounds great on paper…

Like the “Get resources for taking quests” group, this is one I’ve never done well with. It sounds great, because once you’ve done it you can do any of the face-up quests without having to actually take them. But I’ve never had a lot of luck with it. One issue is that even though you don’t have to, you’ll still want to occasionally take quests to keep them from being taken by someone else or discarded. Another problem is I’ve barely ever gotten to use it; it always gets snatched up right away and I never draw it seemingly. I think it’s actually a pretty good quest but for whatever reason it doesn’t like me.


Use your opponent’s spaceIMG_0034
Rating: Very handy, especially with more players

Don’t mind if I do! This quest allows you to use a space your opponent has used once per round. This is great because it takes a lot of pressure off; “Do I take spot A now or take spot B and hope A isn’t taken…oh wait it doesn’t matter if it gets taken, I can still go there.” It’s only worth +1, but it’s so handy and versatile that it’s worth a lot more than its victory points. The more players you have (and the more crowded the board is) the more useful this quest becomes. I’ve been playing a lot of 4 player lately and I’ve really come to appreciate this ability.


IMG_0046One does simply walk into Builder’s Hall
Rating: Can be good

Similar to the last quest, this one lets you assign to a building in Builder’s Hall (even though that building isn’t actually in play) once a round. I hated it at first, but it’s definitely grown on me. The problem is if it’s a great building then it probably won’t be in BH for very long. But even if you only use it a couple times it can potentially make a big difference. It is expensive though: 10 resources for 13 VP, a lowly +3. Not a great ROI, better use that ability a few times to make it worth it!


The Converter
Rating: BlahIMG_0039

Another disappointing Piety quest, this one lets you convert one other resource into a white when you take a white (once per round). A little confusing, I know 🙂 So if you take a white, you can then convert an orange, black, or purple into a white as well. Can be handy since with Piety you need a lot of white and it can be hard to come by. But overall this quest is just kind of a pain. It’s only +1, you have to remember to use it, you have to remember if you’ve already used it this round, etc. Another quest made for the app I guess. It’s one I rarely play.


IMG_0049Owner Benefit
Rating: Hecks yeah!

And last but certainly not least is the owner benefit quest. Once you’ve completed it, if you land on your building you get the regular benefit AND the owner benefit. This can be really fun. Do this with the Yawning Portal and you’re taking 3 resources of your choice. Sweet! Do it with say, the crazy gold building, and you’re taking 12 freaking gold. Honestly this card may be a little overrated just because it’s so fun to play but I don’t care. Obviously it’s only helpful if you have some decent buildings and time left to actually land on them. This is one of those quests that you might take just to keep it out of the opponents’ hands if they have good buildings and you don’t.


Whew! Thanks for plowing through all that! Disagree with any of these ratings or have a particular quest you like? Let me know in the comments!



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6 responses to “Lords of Waterdeep – Plot Quests Part 2

  1. This was fun and funny. I was LSAMD a bit while reading. 🙂 “Buildings lady” never sounds weird when we’re talking about her, but then reading it here is funny! I actually remember now that her name is Larissa (unless that’s the other lady), only because of our conversation about that awhile back.

    Piety really does get the plot quest shaft. The Converter feels like a chore to have because of the reasons you mentioned. I would rather not be faced with that choice or thing to remember!

    Which quest is only one resource? I’m totally blanking on that!

    • dantherpgman

      Thanks! Did you just make up LSAMD for laughing sitting at my desk? 🙂 “Buildings lady” does sounds funny in print!

      The 1 resource quest is that Arcana one that costs 2 purple and 4 gold but then you get a purple back (and you get to return an agent). I really should say it’s a net cost of 1, since it costs 2 and you get 1 back. But if you have the keep resource quest then it costs 2 and you get 2 back for a net cost of 0! You have to have the two purple in the first place of course.

  2. Random

    I have to say my favorite out of all of them is still the And I get to keep one… now if only there was a supplementary quest that would allow you a reward along the lines of, “Any other quests that allow you to take or keep additional resources as ongoing rewards has their value increased by one.”

    Maybe that would be a bit too Fluxx for LOWD though…

    • dantherpgman

      Yes! I just need to figure out how to sneak Inflation into the Waterdeep deck…could I get away with Take Another Turn too? Heck there’s already a Draw 2 and Use Em (I actually call it that when I play it too)!

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