NaNoWriMo Update #2

Well it’s sort of a good news/bad news, good news/bad news situation. The first set of news is:

Bad – I fell behind on my word count last week. Work kind of kicked my butt and I didn’t have a lot of energy.
Good – I almost completely caught up this weekend. Here are the current stats:

Words written: 38,027

Words remaining: 11,973

Completion date at this rate: 12/1/14

I wrote 4,209 words today alone! It actually didn’t seem like that many though; I did a lot of short writing bursts throughout the day. 500 words here, 1,000 or 1,500 here and eventually I got to 38,000.

Here’s the second set of good news bad news:

Good – I’m very near the end of the story. Like very near.
Bad – I still have almost 12,000 words to go to hit 50,000.

Of course, that’s not an insurmountable problem. There are many, many spots in the book that can use more explanation, more description, more polish, more of a lot of things. In No Plot, No Problem the founder of NaNoWriMo addresses this issue, and says don’t worry about it because there is plenty to go back and do if you finish the story and are short on words. So I’m not too worried about it.

So next Sunday is the last day of the month. I’ve got three days of work this week, plans to spend all of Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends, and 12,000 words to write. Should be an interesting week šŸ™‚



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3 responses to “NaNoWriMo Update #2

  1. In some ways, I think this coming week might be the most challenging, but then in other ways it also might be the most exhilarating since you’re wrapping things up in the story and in the writing project as a whole. I don’t want you to feel stressed, but I do want you to finish. šŸ˜€ So hopefully you can find that balance and not be discouraged this week. It reminds me of college when I’d have projects to work on over the holidays and I’d be all bummed that everyone else was relaxing while I worked. šŸ˜› But it’ll be okay. Let me know how I can help.

    Congrats on 38k!!

    • dantherpgman

      Thanks! Iā€™m not stressed about it or dreading it or anything like that. I am excited about finishing the book though!

  2. Mom & Dad

    We are very proud of you.

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