Pick 6: Weird Al songs

For my second Pick 6 I decided to share my six favorite Weird Al songs. I’ve been a fan of Weird Al since the In 3-D days, and narrowing this down to my favorite six songs was tough. Picking #1 was easy; it’s been my favorite ever since it came out and probably always will be. But after that there’s a group of 15 or 20 songs that I could have picked. In fact I picked the final six a couple weeks ago but when I sat down to write this I changed one song out for another. Most of these don’t have official videos, but I embedded some unofficial ones for you to enjoy. And now let the parody begin (btw, it’s a bit of a misconception that all of Weird Al’s songs are direct parodies of other songs; about half of them are totally original)!

#6 – Frank’s 2000″ TV (Alapalooza, 1993)



In fact, the first song is an original song, done in the style of R.E.M. Some great lines of course, and I just like the actual music itself too, very catchy. Of course nowadays a 2000″ TV isn’t even that farfetched!


#5 – Party at the Leper Colony (Poodle Hat, 2003)



So many awful and yet hilarious puns. The hot tub one is my favorite and still cracks me up every time I hear it.


#4 – Canadian Idiot (Straight out of Lynnwood, 2006)



A friend of mine once said one of the great things about Weird Al is you can enjoy songs with good beats without having to put up with the original lyrics. I feel that way about this song: I don’t care about the original (American Idiot by Green Day), but I like the music and the lyrics are hilarious. Great song.


#3 – Albuquerque (Running With Scissors, 1999)



Yes, it’s over 11 minutes long! I love this song because it’s so freaking random. It’s basically one long meandering tangent. So many great lines. It was also awesome hearing this one at his concert.


#2 – Bob (Poodle Hat, 2003)



Such a quintessential Al song. The style and vocals are a parody of Bob Dylan, and the video is a homage to a classic INXS video. Can you figure out what’s noteworthy about all the lyrics, including the title?


#1 – Your Hororscope for Today  (Running with Scissors, 1999)



Oh man, I’m never going to get tired of this song. Still cracks me up even after all the times I’ve listened to it. And hey, the advice is just as practical and useful as any other horoscope! I love the music, the individual horoscopes, and the scientific explanation in the middle of the song.


There you have it, my six favorite Weird Al songs of all-time…unless you ask me again next week, then the list will probably change 🙂  So many more I could have picked: Nature Trail to Hell, Party in the CIA, White and Nerdy, Hardware Store, Amish Paradise, etc, etc, etc. Thanks for reading. Long live Al!



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