Some tips for watching 24

So this isn’t game related but I just felt like talking about it. Deal with it 😉

I have all but the final season of 24 on DVD, but some of them are still in the shrinkwrap :p I decided it was time to watch that series all the way through, so I’ve been doing that lately and I’ve come up with some rules to keep in mind if you’re going to watch the show. There will be some spoilers probably, if you care.

Kids are idiots Anytime a kid character is on the show you can rest assured he or she is going to make all the worst decisions possible and whine about everything at every opportunity. Whenever a kid (President Palmer’s two kids especially Keith, Jack’s daughter Kim, Derek from season 5, etc.) shows up prepare to hate that character for as long as you have to put up with him or her.

Modern medicine really is miraculous Any injury, no matter how severe, can be cured in an hour or two, at least well enough for that person to resume their role on the show. Tony gets shot in the neck and needs vascular surgery? No prob, he’ll be back at CTU in a few hours. Jack gets tortured until he dies, gets brought back to life, and needs to take down some bad guys a couple hours later? No worries.

You don’t need to just suspend your disbelief, you have to send it on a long sabbatical in a remote country I mean, the plot holes and liberties they take with the stories are enormous, but I don’t mind at all. I’m the type that can pretty much sit back and just be entertained and not worry if every little detail is perfect. It’s a story, it’s entertainment, just relax and roll with it. But if you’re the type that can’t suspend that disbelief and likes to find the holes in every plot 24 isnt going to work for you.

Don’t get too attached I tell people not to get too emotionally invested in anyone on the show not named Jack Bauer. Because the cast on that show changes pretty frequently and they’re not afraid at all to kill off a major character. There are exceptions, a few people make it through to the end, but odds are your favorite character is only going to be around for a season or two so enjoy them while you can!

Technology can do anything…unless that would be inconvenient for the story When they’re trying to locate a suspect they have infrared imaging, traffic cams, surveillance videos, passive cell phone triangulation, reverse satellite tracking, and all kinds of other things they can bring to bear. But if someone needs to get away for story purposes (often Jack) then all that technology dries up. One particularly bad example is in a later season where Jack breaks someone out of an FBI facility and they’re all “Well there are no traffic cams around there so we lost him”. WHAT?!?!?

Everyone at Division is a moron “Division” is the organization that is in charge of CTU (where Jack works and most of the show happens). Anytime someone from Division shows up you know that a) they’re going to be a total hardass about everything, b) they’re going to come in and screw everything up, c) they’re going to impede CTU from doing whatever they’re supposed to be doing, and d) they won’t “break protocol” like they do at CTU all the time, under any circumstances. But of course after they’ve spent some time at CTU they learn the error of their ways and begin to break protocol, disobey orders, act a little nicer, etc. It’s like the only competent people in the world happen to work at CTU and everyone else is a total bozo. This isn’t limited to 24 of course; this equivalent of this rule on Star Trek: The Next Generation would be “Every admiral in Starfleet is a moron”. Whenever an admiral showed up on Star Trek you knew it was going to be trouble for the gallant crew.

Don’t get me wrong, 24 is one of my three favorite shows ever. I love it and I was bummed when it finally went off the air. No show is perfect but 24 comes closer than most other shows and if you’ve never watched any of them give them a chance sometime (if you don’t mind a bit of gore/violence). Season 1 of 24 gets my vote for the best season of TV ever, so give it a whirl if you get the opportunity, but just keep these rules in mind 😉



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6 responses to “Some tips for watching 24

  1. Great post. 🙂 This was entertaining even though I haven’t seen the show!

    • dantherpgman

      Thanks! I was going to mention that the medicine on 24 is miraculous but not quite as miraculous as what they can do on Alias!

  2. nice post!

    The “don’t get attached” ‘rule’ definitely applies to reading/watching anything in the “A Song of Ice & Fire” series, too – which, btw, I highly recommend 🙂

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