Here’s what not to do in pool

I don’t understand what the point of this video is really. Expertvillage usually has good advice and in fact they have another guy that does pool videos that are pretty good, but this guy…not so much.


1)  Why are you showing us a shot that is completely illegal, that no one wants you to do on their table? Btw, it’s not just illegal “in pool halls”, it’s against the rules of pool period.

2) He didn’t even tell us, let alone show us, what the correct way to jump the cue ball is.

3) Why would “Expertvillage” have someone who has no knowledge at all, let alone expertise, of a shot (the masse) “demonstrate” it?

Will Youtube remove videos for sheer ineptitude?

It’s funny, because the guy seems totally aware that he’s making an awful video and seems kind of embarrassed about it. I guess it would be like me making a video about how to do jump shots and combos :p Except of course, I wouldn’t actually make one!



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2 responses to “Here’s what not to do in pool

  1. Yeah, that’s really strange. “Look it up with someone else who’s better than I am”? Uh…thanks?

    • dantherpgman

      I’m going to produce a set of encyclopedias that says nothing but “Go look it up online, they know more about this than I do.”

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