Memoral Game Day!

Hi! No, I’m not dead just haven’t had a lot of spare energy since I started a new job. But with the three day weekend in effect it’s time for an entry. To ease back into things I’ll start with something straightforward: talking about getting together with some friends yesterday for a gameday.

We met about noon and immediately dove into an 8 player(!) game of Three Dragon Ante. We had three people that had never played before but they caught on very quickly (especially P, he should think about designing games or something). I actually was at -1 chips for a brief moment, but ended up in a strong 3rd place by the end. P was ahead almost the whole game but H “doesn’t trigger” won out at the end.

After that we broke into smaller groups: 3 people played a game called Wench that looked and sounded totally crazy and fun, there was a group playing a game I had never heard of, and J and I played a 2 player game of Castle Ravenloft, which is a board game version of D&D. I had only played it once before and really enjoyed it, so I was anxious to play again. It’s cooperative, meaning either all the players (it can be played by 1 – 5 people) win or all the players lose. Things started out grim for J and I, but we managed to come back and win.

After a quick break for some yummy food a few people left, but we started up another game of Castle Ravenloft, this time with four players. It was nip and tuck towards the end but again we prevailed. After playing it the first time (we were playing one of the hardest scenarios apparently) I was convinced it was impossible to win, but we did it twice!

At that point a couple more peeps had shown up, and after a bit of socializing it was time to head outside (yes, it was actually decent on Memorial Day weekend) and play some Bocce! We started out with 4 teams of two players each but a couple of the players bailed on us early so we ended up with three teams. My team won what ended up being a very long game of Bocce. Dropping the bocce balls fairly often and kicking the hacky sack around for 10 or 15 minutes at a time didn’t make for a real speedy game ; )

After we headed back to H & J’s place we decided there was time for one more game, and we decided on a game called Gift Trap. The object of the game is to figure out what gifts (selected from cards that come with the game) the other players would like to get or hate to get. So it’s about knowing the other players and their wants and likes. We had 7 of us playing; it was pretty amusing because I was way ahead in the Give section (meaning I was doing well predicting what other people would like) and wayyyyyy behind in the Get section, meaning no one had a clue what I liked. I caught up at the end a bit but we ended up with a tie between C-Money and H.

At that point it was after 10:00 and time to head out. It was a massively fun day, as our extended game days always are. Of course, there’s always more games to play than time to play them, but I felt like I got in a lot of good gaming time with a good group of friends. I am just now realizing that I’m not at all sore from kicking the hack around; it had been so long I thought I would be sore in all kinds of weird places :p Maybe it will hit me tomorrow…anyway, I hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend too and thanks for reading!



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2 responses to “Memoral Game Day!

  1. Good post – I’m glad you had a nice time.

    So are you sore?

    • dantherpgman

      I wasn’t the next day but I was a little bit yesterday. Just my right leg a little bit, but not too bad 🙂

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