Crazy awesome hands

Thought it might be fun to talk about some of the best hands I’ve ever had while playing games over the years. These are all pretty rare so they were a lot of fun to catch and fun to remember later too.

First the two ultimate Pinochle hands. The first is THE ultimate Pinochle hand, 1500 trump. For those that don’t play Pinochle, it uses a 48 card deck consisting of Nine through Ace, 2 of each card. So there are two Nines of Spades, 2 Tens of Spades, etc. 1500 trump is having both Jacks, Queens, Kings, Tens, and Aces of a suit. My grandpa, who played pinochle for 60 years, told me one time that “he was pretty sure he had it once”. So yeah, it’s pretty rare. I got it playing with my grandpa and grandma Christmas Day 1990. Since everyone is SO cynical these days, here’s some pictorial evidence (sorry for the quality on these pics, they’re actually pictures of pictures):

Hard to tell, but I’m holding: A A 10 10 K K Q Q J J. I guess I didn’t feel the rest of the hand was worth putting in the picture!

The second best hand in Pinochle is 1000 Aces. That’s all 8 Aces in the deck. I picked up that hand playing with my friends Shannon and Laura. I don’t have the date written on the picture unfortunately, but it would have been sometime in the late 90’s. Here’s that bad boy:

The hand this time was: A♣ A♣ 10♣ K♣ Q♣ J♣ A A 10 A♠ A♠ 10♠ A A 10

So not only did I have 1000 Aces, I also had a run in Clubs and three leads in each suit. And, Shannon and Laura had three Clubs each, so I would have picked all the tricks (1000 Aces was enough to win so we didn’t play it out). My total score on the hand would have been 1000 for the Aces, 150 for the run, and 250 in tricks for a nice even 1400 points. Not bad in a game to 1500!

Shifting over to another game I’ve played a lot of, the second-best hand in Cribbage is 28 points: 4 Fives and a Ten or facecard. I’ve actually gotten that hand three times, all of them while playing online with my friend Jessica. Here they are:

[you can click on the pics to make them larger and easy to read]

The first one was on 4/8/08:

This one was on 3/1/09:

And the third one was  on 11/15/09:

But the very best hand in Cribbage is 29 points. It’s the same as the 28 point version, except you have a Jack in your hand and the cut card is the matching Five so you get an extra point for His Nobs and 29 total. I got that ultimate hand on 4/21/08. It’s funny because in all the years before when I had played a lot of Cribbage I never gotten a 28 or 29. Then I get my first 28 and a couple of weeks later I hit 29! And two more 28s eventually. Here’s the ultimate Cribbage hand:

Pretty sweet! Jessica got it once too while we were playing, but she can talk about that in her blog :p

And finally, I’ve actually had a Royal Flush once. The first time I was in Vegas! Awesome, right? I must have won some good money with it, right? Actually, I didn’t even win the hand. How is that possible you ask? I was playing Pai Gow poker, where you have to use 7 cards to  make a 2 card hand and a 5 card hand and compare results with the dealer (house). So I used the Royal Flush as my 5 card hand and obviously won that, but my 2 card hand was lousy and I lost with it. If you win one hand and lose the other it’s a push, so I didn’t win anything! Well at least I didn’t lose :p

And just to make it even more deflating, this was before the “fortune” version of Pai Gow was commonplace. In that version, you can put up a small side bet (usually $1) that pays off if you hit a big hand, like say a Royal freaking Flush. And that pays off whether or not you win the actual hand. I don’t remember exactly what that would be worth with a Royal, but I think it was something like $50,000. Although to be totally fair, I never play fortune anyway, since it’s a huge rip-off; you’re basically throwing a dollar away every hand by playing fortune. Maybe it’s better I didn’t have the option because then I would have been really sad if I hadn’t put the dollar up!

So there you go, my biggest moments of gaming glory, I hope you enjoyed! And hopefully I’ll be getting some new awesome hands really soon!



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4 responses to “Crazy awesome hands

  1. Oh my gosh I’m famous!!

    You’re right, I will someday have to talk about my incredible Cribbage hand. 😀 I wonder where that screencap is..

    So this is why you asked about BMP to JPG! You’re learning all sorts of picture-related things today! And a post with photos is always fun. 🙂

    • dantherpgman

      Yeah writing this blog has taught me all kinds of good stuff 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Dan and Jess,

    Fun to get those big ones! We had a chance at 29 the other night on the porch. Didn’t get it–an 8 was cut–but it’s the closest either of us had ever been. Cheers!

    • dantherpgman

      I’m surprised you haven’t gotten a 29, sounds like you play a lot of Cribbage! But having the right 4 cards in hand and anticipating the cut is almost as exciting as getting the hand itself. Almost 😉

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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